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How To Develop Creative-Thinking Skills in 5 Steps

Creativity is valued by many employers. No matter what industry you are in, creativity is a valuable asset that can help you achieve both your daily tasks and long-term goals. You can apply creativity to your job responsibilities to find creative solutions to common problems you may face. This article will discuss creative thinking and ways to improve your creative-thinking skills.

What does it mean for you to think creatively?

Creative thinking involves the creation of new and innovative ideas. Creative thinking allows you to come up with new ideas or ways to solve a problem that no one else has thought of. To solve a problem, creative thinking requires the ability to combine analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills.

Creative-thinking skills allow people to see a product or item from a different perspective. Even if creativity is not something you are used to, there are skills you can use to be creative and approach obstacles and goals with an innovative mind.

Creative thinking: How to get creative

These steps will help you to start thinking creatively about your career.

  1. Take stock of the information you have.
  2. The obvious solution is the best.
  3. Brainstorm other solutions.
  4. Take a look at the connections between these topics.
  5. Use the solutions.

1. Take stock of the information you already have

Preparation is an important step in creative-thinking. Gathering all the information you can is a better way to create a complete solution. Think about the various aspects of the problem you are trying to solve. You can ask a colleague to share the data or findings they have already collected on the problem.

2. Think about the obvious solution.

There may be a solution to your problem that is simple. It is important to have a clear understanding of the process or solution, but you want to be able to build a better solution. This approach can be used to generate additional ideas that require a creative perspective. You can start to think of other solutions that are simpler and more cost-effective.

3. Other solutions?

You should allow yourself to brainstorm as many possible solutions and processes as you can. If you are having trouble imagining a solution, consider every possible option. Consider every step of the process to help you find the right solution. Make a list of the best ideas you have.

After you have created a list, it is time to look at the subject from a different perspective. You might consider looking at the problem from another perspective to change your perspective. If you think more analytically in problem solving, it might be worth considering thinking from someone else’s perspective.

A team brainstorming session could be an option. A group brainstorming session allows you to bring in multiple perspectives. The ideas of team members can be used to generate new ideas.

4. Take a look at the connections between these topics

Consider how topics relate to each other. This will allow you to make connections between ideas and can be used as a guide for developing your solution. Make a separate list with all the ideas you have. You can use the same ideas from all perspectives.

5. Use the solutions

Take a look at your list and decide which process is most efficient. As you evaluate your solutions, you may come up with additional ideas. The results of testing your ideas will allow you to identify which aspects of your thinking process can be improved and which can be used differently to create a solution. This type of testing can be used to enhance your thinking processes. You can use this type of testing to test and analyze your ideas, and then measure the results.

Creative thinking tips

This guideline will help you develop your creative-thinking abilities:

Accept new undertakings

Creative thinkers will often be open to trying new things in order to gain experience in other fields. If your manager assigns you a project, make sure to try at least one new method.

Pay attention to the people around you

When you face a challenge, your team can often help you to create new solutions. Regular brainstorming sessions can be organized where your team tackles different obstacles. These sessions will improve your creativity and your communication skills.

Every day, do one thing differently

You can also change your work style to encourage you to see things differently. It is possible to change how you do a task or to learn more about a department every day.

Ask new questions

Instead of searching for new answers, you might consider changing the questions that you ask. When you are faced with a common problem, brainstorm a list open-ended questions that you can ask. Good questions can help you to think about how your processes might change to increase your productivity.

You can increase your creativity by looking at your work from a different angle. You may find it easier to think of solutions and thoughts from different perspectives than you initially thought.

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