Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hojney Bee’s Biscuits in St. Louis near Kirkwood

They met on Bumble and slathered their mile-high biscuits in honey. Meredith Shadwick and Mike Shadwick turned beloved comfort food into a success story at a farmers’ market. They quickly added another food truck to their operation, and in July they plan to open Honey Bee’s Biscuits + Delicious Eats ( 200 N. Kirkwood). Their specialties include a blueberry-crusted biscuit with sausage gravy.

The Honeybee team will be selling their creations at Towergrove Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and at Kirkwood Residents’ Market from 8 am.m. to 1 p.m.

This Q&A was published in the May 2022 issue SLM under “Building Buzz” 


Cheddar chive Sammies filled with thick-cut ham, egg, and STL-style Colby cheese.

What inspired you to cook?

Meredith Mike was born Mike said “eat” as his first word. His father is pointing out that he has gone through four jars of baby foods and Mike continues to say “Eat, drink, eat.” Mike All true.

What was your specialty when you first started cooking?

Mike: Eggs. They were great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. French-style soft scrambled eggs were my favorite. You heat the eggs in a pan, then let the pan cool down. You then need to stir the reduced mixture while adding a bit of heat. Once they have cooled, I add cream cheese, soft cheeses, or any other cold ingredients. Then, take them off the heat to finish cooking. Unless I make a more difficult scramble, I don’t like grated cheeses.

Meredith – Did you ever imagine you’d be in the restaurant business?

MeredithWhen I became an adult, no. However, I found an “about myself” booklet that I had written in sixth grade where I stated that I would open the most famous New York City restaurant. All of that was lost on me. Mike: We’re slowly starting this process in Kirkwood with biscuits.

Did you both work in restaurants as a teenager or college?

Meredith My first job in high school was at Tropical Moose, Kirkwood. Ironically, we bought it from Pat Williams and Jack Williams last year. They also own Walk Away Waffles. We currently have two locations: Kirkwood Farmers’ market and Kirkwood Park. We hope to add another. The recipes remain the same. We only changed the logo. Mike Before I began working at Imo’s as a driver and then as a manager, I had never worked in a restaurant. I loved Imo’s and the restaurant business.

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