Wednesday, March 22, 2023

All In One Restaurant in St. Louis

Gina McCurry, the partner in the life and business of Mack Hill restaurateur Mack Hill, says “Everybody loves Mack”.

Hill is a familiar face as he walks along the streets of the DeBaliviere Place neighborhood. He walks past his restaurant, Mack’s Bar and Grill to the corner space where his cigar lounge is set to open soon. On his way to Mack D’Licious, Ice Cream and Magnolia Treats he waves to passersby and gives hugs to his owner.

Hill is known for his wide smile and quick laugh, but what makes him so popular is his willingness to listen.

He says that you must be open to change and flexible to follow the trend. This is how many ideas have come about from listening to your neighbors.

Sunday Night Dinners

Hill says, “My focus is on the neighborhood.” Hill believes that a neighborhood bar or grill should be open to everyone, and make it feel like they are part of the community. On a recent Thursday lunch crowd, there were people in suits and construction workers. Solo diners also occupied spots at the bar. You will find sandwiches, burgers, and wings on the menu. There are also vegetarian options.

The space was home to Atlas, a well-loved high-end restaurant for many years. Hill saw that his bar and grill weren’t drawing the same clients so he created Sunday-night dinners with Kevin Green. These dinners are intended to appeal to people who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy fine dining in the area.

The first dinner will be held on Sunday, Father’s Day. The $40 menu includes soup, salad, and your choice of either baked Atlantic salmon with scallop crust, asparagus, or grilled filet Mignon with asparagus and potato cakes. Reservations are required. Every Sunday will feature a new menu. A takeout is an option, but Sunday dinners are only available for dine-in.

Breakfast with 2Schae Eats at Mack’s

Hill, following the lead of his neighbors, added another weekend menu last month. Don and Lisa Schae owned 2Schae Cafe on the corner of Pershing & Union for 14 years. However, a steam pipe “misfortune” this spring forced them to temporarily close their shop. Hill said that customers would go to Mack’s for breakfast when the Schaus closed for vacation and the cafe was more recently closed due to the damage. He invited the Schaus into the kitchen to manage it on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. This was the debut of 2Schae Foods at Mack’s. Brunch guests will enjoy the addition of alcohol that was not available previously at the cafe.

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