Creative Thinking With...

Creative Thinking With

How Win Wenger, the Inventor of Image Streaming,
Can Boost Your Creative Thinking Ability...

Creative Thinking with Win Wenger

Win Wenger is an extraordinary researcher, author and teacher in the field of human potential, brain power and creative thinking. In his books, audio programs, seminars and online writings, he shares the techniques he has developed and tested with the help of his large following of fans and fellow enthusiasts.

Win Wenger's best selling book, The Einstein Factor, introduced his IQ boosting technique of Image Streaming. Image streaming is the process of describing and recording aloud in multi-sensorial language the stream of consciousness running constantly through your mind, and then listening to the play back of the recording. This practice when done properly and consistently has prfound affects on intelligence and creative ability.

The popularity of Win Wenger's books perhaps made it inevitable that he would be asked to create an audio version of The Einstein Factor for Nightingale Conant. The success of this audio series was followed up with another program entitled Brain Boosters. I have both these programs and can recommend them to you.

RECOMMENDED AUDIO: The Einstein Factor

Win Wenger is also the co-author with Paul Scheele of The Genius Code, published by Learning Strategies Corporation.

To spread the word and further develop his techniques of boosting human intelligence, Win Wenger founded Project Renaissance, an organisation designed to 'help specialists and non-specialists alike play a vital role in the ongoing Brain/Mind revolution.'

Through Project Renaissance, Win Wenger co-ordinates the activities of an international group of people practising and exploring the technique of Image Streaming and other techniques of intelligence enhancement that Wenger teaches. You can now participate in workshops and trainings in Image Streaming around the world through various associates and affiliates of Wenger's Project Renaissance organisation, or train with the main himself. For would be creativity consultants, there are train the trainer events as well.

In his role, as an acknowledged expert in human potential and self-development of a practical and useful kind, Win Wenger is also a frequent guest and speaker at forums, expos and councils dealing with the human brain, education and intelligence. 

At his website,, you can participate in the image streaming forum and read the many free articles on intelligence and creativity boosting topics. There are also some valuable downloads available -- free ebooks which detail his techniques for accessing the mind's greatest potential.

In the brief correspondence that I have personally had with Win Wenger, he comes across as a very generous, kind and gracious man -- and I think that speaks as highly of him as his achievements in the field of creative intelligence. Here is a man who has developed some truly ingenius techniques for accessing the deeper resources of the mind and who takes great pleasure in sharing that information to help others.

Win Wenger's image streaming is a marvellous technique to incorporate in your armoury of creative weapons to use in battling the awful "Duh..." monsters (that initial thicko response to the challenge of being creative!). It taps right into the awesome creative potential of your unconscious mind. Just as your dreams are rich with creative themes and ideas, your image stream is also a potent source of off-the-wall ideas. It is also highly responsive to specific challenges and requests. With a little practice, Win Wenger's image streaming process could become your most prized thinking skill and a devestatingly effective way to stimulate, release and harvest your creative thinking.


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