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Creative Thinking With
Tony Buzan

How the Mind Map Guru can turbo-charge your
creative thinking!

Creative Thinking with Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan has given us the most user-friendly creative thinking tool ever. It's the Mind Map.

Mindmapping is a convenient, easy way to represent the pathways of your creativity. You simply make a map of your creative thoughts with notes and quick sketches, using paper and colored pens. While mind maps have been used for centuries in one form or another, Tony Buzan dragged them into the public consciousness and has demostrated their brilliant effectiveness for improving memory, learning and unleashing creativity.

For one reason or another, Tony Buzan seems to attract some flak for the ideas that he promotes. I think he is just very open to new ways to increase creativity and intelligence, and that this really irritates those who are more rigid in their approach to human intelligence and human creativity. Certainly the public has embraced his concepts of mind mapping, mental literacy and ideas such as spiritual intelligence or sensual intelligence

Tony Buzan's best-selling books on mind mapping, intelligence and memory are written in a direct, lucid and accessible style -- and the information in them can be immediately applied to get great results.

Tony Buzan is considered one of the foremost creativity consultants in the world and has featured in many television programs and documentaries.

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