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Creative Thinking With...
Strategies of Genius Vol 2
by Robert Dilts

A Review of Robert Dilts' Strategies of Genius Volume 2

Strategies of Genius Vol 2, by Robert Dilts -- Review

Strategies of Genius Vol 2, by Robert Dilts, is an exploration of the creative thinking processes of Albert Einstein. Using the NLP procedures for modelling excellence in human behaviour, Dilts works out the way that Einstein thought, how he used his mind to come up with his amazing theories. Robert Dilts reasoning is that, if he can deconstruct the complex processes of Albert Einstein's thinking, so that we can see it in action, then we can copy that same way of thinking. By breaking Einstein's thought patterns down and laying them out so that we can see exactly how they fit and work together, we can have a better hope of replicating those kind of advanced creative thinking patterns in our own mind.

Strategies of Genius Vol 2 differs from Volume 1 in that it focusses entirely on just one genius. However, Albert Einstein is such an icon of our times that he has come to represent many people's idea of genius. Say "genius" and an Albert Einstein picture is likely to leap to mind, wild silver hair and all! So it's entirely fitting that a lot of people are intensely curious about Albert Einstein and want to know how he thought. And because he's famous for being really really clever, well, we all want to be a bit like him. This book gives you the best chance of doing just that.

Strategies of Genius Vol 2 as I said is very much a "how-to-think-like-Albert-Einstein" guide book that utilises the psychological principles and ideas of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Robert Dilts is one of the world's foremost experts in NLP and brilliant at modelling and replicating the internal states of people with recognised skills and abilities in specific fields of human activity.

Strategies of Genius Vol 2 is divided into 10 chapters as follows:

Chapter 1: Einstein's Epistemology

Chapter 2: Einstein's Macro Strategy For Modelling

Chapter 3: The Basic Structure of Einstein's Thinking Strategy

Chapter 4: Einstein's View of Language

Chapter 5: Micro-Analysis of Einstein's Creative Thinking Process

Chapter 6: The Theory of Relativity

Chapter 7: Some Psychological Implications of the Theory of Relativity

Chapter 8: Applications of Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Chapter 9: Summary Of Einstein's Thinking Process

Chapter 10: Conclusion

The 3 Appendix sections cover the principles, presuppositions and glossary of NLP -- which you will need unless you are already familliar with NLP. (If you are not familiar with NLP, then it is worth learning about it first. You can get lots of information online. Tony Robbins' book Unlimited Power contains a good basic introduction to NLP principles but there are lots of other great books on NLP.)

Strategies of Genius Vol 2 is a rare book in that it really does hold extraordinary information. Scientists have long studied and wrangled over Einstein's brain (one scientist stole it from the autopsy and kept it for years!) but none have given much attention to his mind -- where the real thinking went on. Until now that is!

Strategies of Genius Vol 2 is not an easy read, and if, like me, you buy it with other books you may find that you put off reading it for a while! But when you do get around to it, you will realise what a treasure you have in your possession.