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"If you are functioning as a leader now or if you aspire to be a leader in the future you must cultivate innovation literacy. The good news is that this is something you can learn." ~ Michael J. Gelb

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Creative Thinking With... Michael J. Gelb, author of 11 books including 'How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci', 'Innovate like Edison' and 'Discover Your Genius'

Michael J Gelb, author of How to think like Leonardo da Vinci and Innovate Like Edison

Michael J. Gelb's passion for learning and creativity shines through in all his work. I've yet to meet Michael Gelb, but I've become a fan of his work. I'm inspired by the passion and warmth that comes through when you hear Gelb talking... (Check out the Michael Gelb interview links below; he's got a great laugh.) He truly is a Renaissance man as inspired by Leonardo da Vinci the subject of one his best-selling books. His latest book (Oct 2007)focuses on how you can learn to innovate like Thomas Edison. I wrote about Thomas Edison's invention strategies a few years ago, so I am looking forward to reading Michael Gelb's more thorough study of Edison.

Here is Michael Gelb explaining his thoughts on creativity, creative thinking and living life in a dynamic creative way:

“Why Create?” There are infinite reasons – to make visible the charm of inexhaustible transformation, to become more susceptible to grace, to achieve immortality, to know the mind of God, to manage change, make a living or make a life; but the simplest is: just because we can.

~ Michael Gelb writing in Create Magazine, 2005

Michael Gelb podcasts

Kelly Howell does marvellous half-hour long interviews for her terrific Theatre of the Mind show. She has interviewed Michael J. Gelb at least twice. Here are the links for her podcasts that you can listen to for free. You need to visit the page to initiate or download the podcast.

Michael Gelb and Mind-Mapping

Cultivate Your Genius with Michael Gelb

Robert Stuberg interviewed Michael Gelb for You can access the podcast here:

Interview with Michael J. Gelb entitled "Discover Your Genius!"

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Michael Gelb Video:

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