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Creativity Techniques

Generate brilliant ideas, innovations and great creative thinking with these creativity techniques

  • Mind Mapping: the visual creative thinking process
    Mind mapping is one of the premier creative thinking techniques. Discover how this centuries old technique can revitalise your creative thinking and become one of your top creativity tools.
  • Creative Thinking With Brainstorming
    Brainstorming was invented by Alex Osborn as a technique to stimulate creative thinking amongst advertising copywriters. Since then it has been widely adopted the world over as a brilliant tried-and-tested creative thinking technique that YOU will benefit from today.
  • Image Streaming -- the ultimate creative thinking technique
    Image Streaming is one of the great modern techniques for accessing your highest powers of creative thinking.... Here's how you can use image streaming to become a great creative thinker.
  • Dream Incubation -- incubate creative thinking with dreampower!
    Dream incubation is a phenomenal way to access your deep inner creative resources to make amazing creative breakthroughs while asleep and dreaming. Learn how to use this briliant creative thining technique to launch your dreaming mind on an odyssey of innovative thinking, idea generation and self-discovery.
  • Creative Thinking Exercises
    Creative thinking exercises train you how to be more creative. These creative thinking exercises act as templates for the creative process. Use them to generate more and better ideas.
  • Mindstorming - how to mindstorm with the 20-ideas method of solo brainstorming
    Discover how to use mindstorming to generate creative ideas time after time. This solo brainstorming method is a creative thinking technique recommended by top business people.

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