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Creativity consultants are a growing breed in an era when creative innovation is essential for businesses and individuals to thrive in an ever more competitive marketplace. With Asia expanding and challenging Western countries' traditional dominance in the marketplace, most are becoming aware that only constant re-invention, innovation and a commitment to never-ending improvement will give them any chance of competing. The creativity teachers featured here are the head honchos, the big names who have authored many books and courses on the subject of creative thinking. You want to look to them for their ingenius tips and guidance to get creative before you take on the smaller more hand on creativity consultants that are predicted to become pivotal characters in the business world over the next decade. These creativity experts are not presented in any order of greatness. You can judge for yourself which creativity teacher has the most impact on YOUR creativity.

  • Creative Thinking with Edward de Bono
    Edward de Bono is the World's most famous creativity consultant. Here are his key creativity concepts that can help accelerate your creative thinking ability.
  • Creative Thinking With Tony Buzan
    Tony Buzan, the originator of the mind map, is the hugely popular all-action champion of human genius and how to increase your creative intelligence. One of the most sought after teachers and creativity consultants in the world, he is author of many best selling books, courses and TV programs on the subjects of creativity, intelligence and learning.
  • Creative Thinking With Win Wenger
    Win Wenger is the inventor of Image Streaming the brilliant new method of increasing intelligence and generating extraordinary levels of creativity. Discover how this brilliant teacher and author of The Einstein Factor can flood your mind with extraordinary creative thinking, insights and groundbreaking ideas.
  • Michael Michalko Creative Thinking Techniques
    Michael Michalko is a great creative thinking expert and author of the best selling books, Thinkertoys, Cracking Creativity, and Thinkpak. Discover some of Michalko's secrets for becoming a more creative thinker and how to bring innovation and creativity into your life and work.
  • Michael J. Gelb: Develop your passion for creative thinking with Michael Gelb
    Michael J Gelb is a world expert on genius creative thinking and author of many books on creativity and maximizing your mental abilities. Learn more about Michael Gelb and his secrets for becoming a brilliant creative thinker...

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