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With The Great Minds

Creative people use deliberate creativity techniques to stimulate their flights of creative thinking. Creative thinking with the great minds of history will unleash your own genius for creativity and innovation. Use their special creative thinking techniques to stimulate your mind and it will help you get creative. With the simple techniques used and recommended by these luminaries of art, science, literature and philosophy, you will have a formidable armoury of practical, user-friendly techniques to access your creative thinking ability. Take this gift from the world's most creative people, unwrap it and enjoy what you find within! You will never be the same again and the world (and YOU) will benefit from your new found creative thinking abilities!

  • Creative Thinking With Leonardo da Vinci
    Discover how Leonardo Da Vinci can help YOUR creative thinking skills. The Genius of all Geniuses used specific creativity techniques to generate his brilliant creative thinking, insights, ideas and inventions. Now YOU can use them too.
  • Creative Thinking With Thomas Edison
    Genius may be 99% sweat, and only 1% inspiration but before you can sweat, you need that spark of inspiration that only creative thinking can give you. Here are some simple strategies used by Thomas Alva Edison to stimulate creativity, innovation and outstanding creative thinking.
  • Creative Thinking With Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein left YOU deliberate creative thinking techniques you can use to unleash your genius for creative thinking!
  • Creative Thinking With Buckminster Fuller
    Uncover the driving secret of Buckminster Fuller's extraordinary creative thinking and power to innovate. This simple powerthought can transform your life and turn you into a creative giant.
  • Nikola Tesla's Creative Thinking Secrets
    Discover Nikola Tesla secrets of creative thinking. This genius inventor of AC-DC, radio, and countless mind-boggling scientific breakthroughs such as FREE ENERGY can tach you so much about thinking creatively.


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