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Creative Ideas For Sparking Creativity and Creative Thinking

Use these Creativity "Fire Starters" To Stimulate YOUR Creative Thinking

Here you'll find a selection of articles on creativity, creative thinking, generating creative ideas and basically shifting into the creative mindset. These don't exactly fall under the category of formalised creative thinking techniques such as mindmapping, brainstorming or image streaming. They are more "on-the-fly" approaches to creativity, ideas and exercises that come to me and that I use to stimulate creativity and get the creative juices a-flowing! I trust you'll find them useful...

  • Creative Thinking With Fake I.D.
    Describes a method of adopting fake ID in order to unleash your creative brilliance.
  • Easy Peasy Creative Thinking
    Are you guilty of making creative thinking out to be hard and difficult to do? In this article, I suggest the effortless, easy-peasy way to be a truly creative thinker.
  • Notebooking -- Creative Thinking On The Go
    Notebooking is a technique for stimulating creative thinking and unleashing your mind's powers of observation and deep thought. This article explains how to use notebooking effectively and join the ranks of great creative thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci and others who used the portable memory bank notebooking strategy.
  • Aggressive Creativity And Big Hitting Ideas
    You can use these aggressive creativity techniques to stir yourself up when you feel flat and uncreative in order to to punch out some big hitting ideas, creative gems and powerful thinking.
  • Incremental Creativity: The CANI evolutionary approach to creative innovation
    The simplest form of creative innovation is to take the CANI or Kaizen approach to making incremental improvements to your existing ideas. Here's how...