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Creative Thinking
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Albert Einstein left YOU deliberate creative thinking techniques you can use to unleash your genius for creative thinking!

Albert Einstein -- Creative Thinking Techniques

Albert Einstein's creative thinking epitomises most people's idea of genius. So it probably won't surprise you to learn that Einstein had specific creative thinking techniques that you can emulate to get creative breakthroughs in any field of endeavour. The primary creative mindset of Albert Einstein is that of possibility thinking. Basically this means giving yourself permission to think extraordinary things. Part of giving yourself permission to think in exceptional and creative ways is also giving yourself the opportunity to do so. Too many of us negate the work of thinking to odd moments in the shower, driving to work or chilling with a beer in the den. While all of these activities are perfectly worthwhile situations in which to experience creative flashes, you will do far better if you set aside time to deliberately pursue the creative breakthrough.

Your Einstein Time
Decide to budget your time to allow for regular "thinking" work. How much time you devote to this will depend on your own particular situation, needs and commitment. There are certain fields of enquiry that will demand more of your time and focus to reach the breakthroughs that are "waiting" in that field. Albert Einstein's thinking on the subject of Quantum Physics obviously demanded more of his thinking time than someone who wants to think up a really creative idea for a birthday surprise. Get started by determining to set aside at least 20 minutes a day to concentrated possibility thinking and contemplation in the area of your particular interests.

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Stretching Beyond The Known
Albert Einstein is someone who asked questions and looked at things in ways that no one else had thought to do. Possibility thinking means exploring what is creatively possible, usually way beyond the boundaries of what you know. You need to keep pushing the envelope, testing and probing to breakthrough the boundaries of the tried and familliar. Albert Einstein devised a technique to do just that. It's called the thought experiment.

Thought Experiments On The Edge of Creativity
What is a thought experiment and what does it have to do with creative thinking? A thought experiment is an experiment that you do in your head. It is an experiment that you cannot, or do not intend to, carry out and it's purpose is to help you understand some aspect of the Universe that you live in. Einstein's classic thought experiment that helped him develop the Theory of Relativity was when he imagined what it would be like to ride on a beam of light. This was something that he could never do in reality but by imagining it his creative thinking was stimulated to the insights and understandings of how light and time functioned. From those imaginings came his world-famous theories in quantum physics.

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Creative Thinking With Albert Einstein

The Creative Mind Thinks in Pictures
Albert Einstein once remarked that he thought in a stream of pictures. Visualisation can be enhanced with practice until it is rich and vivid like an inner movie. Words are useful but clunky when it comes to making creative breakthroughs. The old Chinese saying, " A picture is worth a thousand words" is so appropo to the subject of creative thinking. Pictures are shorthand for entire experiences that would take hundreds of thousands of words to describe. By thinking in pictures you can "travel" further and faster in your creative imaginings and your thinking can, like Einstein, leap Universes. Deliberate thinking in pictures involves setting up a scene or thought experiment in your head and seeing how it runs. You can also just tap into the stream of consciousness of your deep creative mind by looking at the imagery in your minds eye and describing it out loud for recording purposes. Please refer to the article on image streaming.

Hard Thinking vs. Soft Thinking
When exploring a creative challenge, take a leaf out of Einstein's book and utilise the power of hard thinking followed by soft thinking. Hard thinking occurs in the time you deliberately set-aside to fully explore a creative challenge. For Einstein, he would pour over his calculations, covering everything he knew and he would conduct the thought experiments previously mentioned, and have deep discussions with his peers. All this involved hard creative effort. But Einstein appreciated the concept of soft thinking when you consciously set aside the problem and redirect your attention to something enjoyable and relaxing. For Einstein, this was playing the violin or sailing -- two things that he loved to do and could "disappear" while he was doing them. And what he found was that during these pleasuable pursuits, his unconscious mind would go on thinking about the challenge and surprise him with a breakthrough insight or innovation at the time when he least expected it. Use hard thinking and soft thinking to turbo-charge your creative thinking breakthroughs.

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