Creative Thinking With...

Aggressive Creativity
and Big Hitting Ideas

Creativity: Shake it up and spit it out!

When it's time for creativity, don't pussy foot around, get aggressive! Aggressive creative thinking means you set out your stall with an I-don't-give-a-damn attitude. Sometimes you can feel too sluggish, inhibited and non-creative to actually do any serious thinking. When you feel like that, you have to biff-bash your mind with a swift smack around the chops. You have to suck it up, stir yourself up, and prepare to mentally charge the field. Here are 5 quick ways to get aggressive in your creative thinking so that you can deliver hard hitting ideas that pack a punch:

1. The Power Pant
Get yourself worked up into a creative rage. Like a dustorm that whips up in the desert, you have to break through your lethargy and lack of creative spirit. It's in there, buried, dormant, waiting for you to give it a good poke in the ribs. One way to get at your creativity, is to use the power pant technique.

Stand up straight or sit up, put vigor in your motion, like you mean it. Open your eyes wide, and breathe in hard through your nostrils, so you can hear your breath passing fast up through your nose. Suck the air in through your nose. And then immediately let it out through your mouth. Use your hands, in front of you, to simulate lifting the air in to the top of your lungs as you breathe in and letting it fall down and out as your breathe out.

Do 4 or 5 rapid breaths like that, thinking "CREATIVE!" as you breathe in. Stir up your passion.

Creativity: The Warrior Shake 

2. The Warrior Shake
Again, sit or stand with dynamic energy in your posture. Raise your hands up so the palms are sort of facing each other and slightly towards your face too, fingers spread wide. Now imagine you are like a Maori warrior. Roar, like a warrior facing the enemy, and shake your arms, hands and fingers like you are displaying your rage and strength at the enemy. If you are somewhere where a loud AAAAAGGGGHHHH roar is inappropriate, then just make the face and do the shake! Feel the energy buzz that floods your body when you do this. Feel the power and determination: the grrrrr!

This creativity stirrer gets Presidential approval!

3. The FU2 Attitude Adjustment
A great way to bust through your stiff, treacly state of mind is to cuss and swear. Nothing like a good expletive or 30 to flip the lid off your thinking box and get the juices running. Shakespeare was the master of invective. He must have known the power of the cuss to unlock creativity. So get like a foiled Rumplestiltskin and turn the air blue with your determination to flip the creative thinking mega-switch. You are f**king creative and no bastardy f**ker is going to stop you from spilling the super stuff! By now, your blood must be zinging!

Wild rock and roll star Jerry Lee Lewis goes in for some creative keyboard abuse!

4. Keyboard Abuse
If like me you do most of your thinking these days on a computer, typing your ideas into a word document, or direct to your blog, then you'll appreaciate the idea of keyboard abuse. This just means, start typing and really pounding the keys with your fingers. Angry, aggressive writing has power and dynamism. You will feel like you can do anything, say anything, think anything... and AHA! that is just the state of mind you want to be in. So get bashing....

Aggressive Creativity:  CHARGE!

5. The Full Frontal Attack
When you need ideas and your brain is mush, it's easy to default into that soporofic can't-do-it mind state. But now you know that you have to give that mindstate a swift kick in the 'goolies' as soon as it shows it's face. There is only one thing that will ever get you to the creative ideas that you need. And that is to START... you have to MOVE... get GOING ... BEGIN it immediately. Motion moves you from the stuck place, to a slightly less stuck place, to a place where you can move a little, and finally to a situation where you are firing on all cylinders and your brain is as fluid, creative, dynamic and innovative as the beautiful, brilliant creative thinker that you know yourself to really be. So go at it, attack your problems and challenges. Be willing to have crap ideas, let the crap ideas get you started, get you moving and get you to the great ideas.

Aggressive creativity is about stirring up your energy. The more energy you have, the more verve you can demonstrate. Live life with passion and flair. Use these simple creativity techniques to shake it up and spit it out!

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